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How to use My Lists

Our frequent shoppers get their shopping done in less than 5 minutes by using these lists!

Previously Purchased List
This list contains every item you purchased in your last twelve orders, sorted by category. It is an ever-changing list that is automatically updated every time you shop, and the best place to quickly find the items you purchase regularly. You cannot add or remove items from this list.

Custom Shopping Lists
Create lists for your favorite recipes, holiday menus, stock up, going to the cabin and more. Unlike your Previously Purchased List, which is always changing, Custom Lists are handy for things you don't buy that often or that you want to keep together, such as seasonal wines or your Thanksgiving menu.

To create a Custom List, click the drop down arrow next to the list name. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select 'Create New List' and enter a name for it. To add items to a list, click the My List+ symbol next to the item numbers as you shop, or select a group of items from your Previously Purchased List, then select the ellipse , then select 'Copy Selected to New List'.

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Add All to Cart
Click this button to put every item on the list into your shopping cart.

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Select several items to buy or delete at once
To select a group of items, click the selection box to the left of each item. (To unselect an item, simply click the selection box again.) You can then 'Add Selected To Cart' or 'Remove Selected From List' by clicking the appropriate button at the top of the page. NOTE: Deleting items from a Custom List will not delete items already in your cart.

Copy Selected Items to New List
To select the items you want to copy, click the boxes to the left of each item. At the top, select ellipse icon, click 'Copy Selected to New List' and choose the new list to put them in, or create a new one.

Sort list
Choose from a variety of ways to sort lists by clicking the Sort drop-down menu at the top of each list.

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