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First time shopping tips

My Lists

Shop from a list
Use our Starter List or browse our Grocery Store aisles to create your first order. If you're in a hurry, it’s best to start with a list, menu or recipe, and search for each item. You'll find you forget fewer things that way too. Everything you buy is saved to a "Previously Purchased" list so you won't have to look for it next time.


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Search to find things quickly
Type an item or brand (e.g. organic milk, Cheerios, yogurt) into the box. Use the filtering and sort options to help refine your search further.


Product labels

Want to read product labels?
Click on the item to see its description. Select from the green text below the product to view ingredients and nutrition information. Nutrition information is available for select items.


Home page

Get to know our Home Page
Visit our home page to see our Weekly Specials, latest news, deals and more!


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We save your cart
Items will stay in your cart even if you log out, so you can return to shopping anytime.


Manufacturer's coupons

We accept manufacturers' coupons
Enter coupons and Promo Codes when you check out. Enter the amount shown on the coupon and click Apply. (We do not accept competitors' store coupons.) Put the coupons in an envelope and hand them to your driver during your delivery or bring them to the store when you pick up your order.


Pick up day

Change your pick up day anytime
You can choose a new pick up day/time for each order, or keep your 'regular' pick up day (the one you chose when you created your account) each week. NOTE: after you place an order, or if you miss the order deadline, it automatically switches back to your regular pick up day for the following week.


Order deadlines

Ordering deadlines
Ordering deadlines vary based on your delivery or pick up time. The order deadline displays at the top of your cart based on your selected delivery or pick up time. You can view additional dates and order deadlines by visiting the “Set Delivery/Pick up time” page or clicking the link at the top of your cart.


Need help?
If you're online and need help, we're here! Contact us at or toll-free at 1(844) 414-7467.

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